Jakob Fell

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Fungi are found in all aerobic ecosystems, colonizing a diversity of substrates and performing a wide diversity of functions, some of which are not well understood. Many spices of fungi are cosmopolitan and generalists or habitats. Unusual fungal niches are habitats where extreme conditions would be expected to prevent the development of a mycobiota. In(More)
Loss-of-function mutations in the PITX2 transcription factor gene have been shown to cause familial atrial fibrillation (AF). To potentially model aspects of AF and unravel PITX2-regulated downstream genes for drug target discovery, we here report the generation of integration-free PITX2-deficient hiPS cell lines. We also show that both PITX2 knockout hiPS(More)
The ultrarapid delayed rectifier K+ current (IKur), mediated by Kv1.5 channels, constitutes a key component of the atrial action potential. Functional mutations in the underlying KCNA5 gene have been shown to cause hereditary forms of atrial fibrillation (AF). Here, we combine targeted genetic engineering with cardiac subtype-specific differentiation of(More)
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