Jakob Carlström

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— This paper presents an architecture and algorithms for optimizing the performance of web services. For a given service , session-based admission control is combined with stage-wise request queuing, where the stages represent sub-tasks within sessions. The scheduling of requests is governed by generalized processor sharing. We present a performance model,(More)
SUMMARY An optimal solution of the call admission control and routing problem in multi-service loss networks, in terms of average reward per time unit, is possible by modeling the network behavior as a Markov decision process (MDP). However, even after applying the standard link independence assumption, the solution of the corresponding set of link problems(More)
This paper presents predictive gain scheduling, a technique for simplifying reinforcement learning problems by decomposition. Link admission control of self-similar call traffic is used to demonstrate the technique. The control problem is decomposed into on-line prediction of near-future call arrival rates, and precomputation of policies for Poisson call(More)
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