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Children with Down's syndrome (DS) often have small and abnormal thymuses, with lymphocyte depletion, diminution of the cortex, and loss of corticomedullary demarcation--a picture resembling thymic involution. Besides this, they have markedly enlarged Hassall's corpuscles, some surrounded by a sheath of lymphocytes. Patients with DS are known to have(More)
Cocaine dependence has proved difficult to treat, whether it occurs alone or in combination with opiate dependence. No intervention has been demonstrated to be uniquely effective. Patients might benefit most from combined pharmacotherapeutic and psychotherapeutic interventions. The present study sought to evaluate the feasibility, tolerability, and efficacy(More)
We examined the role of hyperbaric oxygenation (HBO2) combined with non-weight bearing (NWB) in the treatment of vascular deprivation-induced osteonecrosis of the femoral head in the rat. Group 1 included 16 rats treated by a combination of NWB and HBO2. Twenty animals treated by NWB alone (group 2), and 18 rats which received no treatment (group 3), served(More)
We attempted to clarify whether structural damage or hemodynamic alterations is the primary cause of renal failure in the initial phases of endotoxic shock. Endotoxin (0.5 mg/kg) was infused directly into the renal artery and normal renal hemodynamics were maintained by cross-perfusion and controlled pressure. Direct exposure of renal parenchyma to(More)
A long-term goal of spine surgeons has been to reduce the morbidity, cost, and recuperative period of primary lumbar disc surgery. In this paper, microdiscectomy and chemonucleolysis are evaluated and compared with respect to achieving these goals. Two groups of successive, noncompensation patients numbering 50 each were studied. All patients met standard(More)
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