Jakob Beirowski

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The present study investigates whether controlling the product temperature below the critical formulation temperature (CFT) during primary drying in a freeze drying cycle is a prerequisite for the stabilization of drug nanoparticles. For that purpose, the CFT of four drug nanosuspensions stabilized with different types (amorphous and crystalline) and(More)
It has been recently reported in the literature that using a fast freezing rate during freeze-drying of drug nanosuspensions is beneficial to preserve the original particle size distribution. All freezing rates studied were obtained by utilizing a custom-made apparatus and were then indirectly related to conventional vial freeze-drying. However, a standard(More)
On the basis of a previously developed formulation and process guideline for lyophilized, highly concentrated drug nanosuspensions for parenteral use, it was the purpose of this study to demonstrate that the original nanoparticle size distribution can be preserved over a minimum period of 3 months, even if aggressive primary drying conditions are used.(More)
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