Jakki Weaden

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During conventional gel electrophoresis, Streptomyces lividans DNA undergoes site-specific double-strand cleavage at the positions of closely opposed unstable modifications introduced into the DNA in vivo. We investigated this electrophoretic instability and demonstrated that it was dependent on Tris. Tris buffer was activated at the anode to generate a(More)
The insertion sequence IS6100 was shown to undergo intermolecular transposition from a temperature-sensitive delivery plasmid to the genome of the avermectin-producer Streptomyces avermitilis, creating cointegrates. Evidence from both Southern hybridization and the range of auxotrophic mutations present in a transposon library was consistent with random(More)
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Travel brochures often portray Thailand as the 'Land of smiles', but most Thais living outside the capital Bangkok and away from the up-market tourist beach resorts live in rural communities where health care is basic and poorly funded.
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