Jakita Baldwin

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Recent evidence suggests a role for base excision repair (BER) proteins in the response to DNA interstrand crosslinks, which block replication and transcription, and lead to cell death and genetic instability. Employing fluorescently tagged fusion proteins and laser microirradiation coupled with confocal microscopy, we observed that the endonuclease(More)
A review of five year's experience of the use of 111Indium labelled leucocyte scintigraphy (111In WBC) in the investigation of suspected sepsis is presented. The results of 257 111In WBC scans for which a definitive diagnosis was subsequently established were available for analysis. The findings are compared with those of ultrasound (130 cases) and computed(More)
Biological activity of the alpha-acetoxy derivatives of methylbenzylnitrosamine was evaluated using tester strains of Salmonella typhimurium. Compound III, oxidized on the benzyl moiety, was more toxic and more mutagenic than Compound IV, oxidized on the methyl side chain. Compound IV was weakly toxic and was non-mutagenic at the concentrations tested. The(More)
The polyhydroxyalkanoate (PHA) synthase gene (phaCNc) from Nocardia corallina was identified in a lambda library on a 6-kb BamHI fragment. A 2.8-kb XhoII subfragment was found to contain the intact PHA synthase. This 2.8-kb fragment was subjected to DNA sequencing and was found to contain the coding region for the PHA synthase and a small downstream open(More)
This study examines some of the biophysical properties of mixtures of whole blood with 3 different hydroxyethyl starch-hemoglobin (HES-Hgb) polymer blood substitutes. The polymers have about a 3-fold range of number average molecular weight and intrinsic viscosity range. The range dependent rheologic studies with a 60 g/L of polymer solution showed that all(More)
The tetrameric lactate dehydrogenases (LDH) of vertebrates contain several different subunits that arose by gene duplication. While the A and B subunits occur in all classes of gnathostomes, the enzymes of agnathans appear to represent two stages in the evolution of vertebrate LDH. Lampreys of the family Petromyzontidae have a single enzyme classified as(More)
Direct coronal computed tomography of the pituitary fossa, before and after enhancement with intravenous contrast medium, was performed on 25 consecutive patients with hyperprolactinaemia. The images were viewed separately by two independent observers and the pituitary height, width and contour, and the visibility of the infundibulum, optic chiasm and(More)
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