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In digital image processing, image enhancement is employed to give a better look to an image. Color is one of the best ways to visually enhance an image. Pseudo-color refers to coloring an image by mapping gray scale values to a three dimensional color space. In this paper we used a pseudo-color technique in frequency domain to enhance ultrasound images. We(More)
OBJECTIVE To: (1) determine the success of medical infrared imaging (MII) in identifying dogs with TLIVDD, (2) compare MII localization with magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) results and surgical findings, and (3) determine if the MII pattern returns to that of normal dogs 10 weeks after decompression surgery. STUDY DESIGN Prospective case series. (More)
The paper presents a nonlinear modeling technique for an air vehicle system, called Twin Rotor Multi-input Multi-output System (TRMS) using neural networks and particle swarm optimization (PSO). Since the TRMS permits both 1 and 2 degrees of freedom (DOF) motions, it can be considered as a static test rig for an air vehicle. Modeling of TRMS is perceived as(More)
VoIP(Voice over IP), so called Internet phone, provides several unique advantages, for instance, inexpensive long distance call service than the existing wire telephone network and various multimedia services from Internet network added to voice call service. This has been widely discussed and has been a research topic throughout the developed countries in(More)
Intervertebral disc disease (IVDD) is a condition that affects both humans and canines. This disease is painful and degrades the quality of life for those that suffer from it. The current diagnostic methods for this disease are Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) and/or Computed Axial Tomography (CAT scan). Both of these diagnostic methods are expensive and(More)
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