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Lack of Pollinators Limits Fruit Set in the Exotic Lonicera japonica
The results support the conclusion that sexual reproduction in populations of L. japonica along the western edge of its naturalized range is limited by a lack of pollination.
Distribution, Abundance, and Habitat Characterization of the Saltmarsh Topminnow, Fundulus jenkinsi (Everman 1892)
The saltmarsh topminnow (Fundulus jenkinsi) is federally listed as a Species of Concern due to a its rarity, impacts from human activities, and lack of information on its biology and ecology. From
Oothecal structure and male genitalia of the Geoscapheinae and some Australian Panaesthia Serville (Blattodea: Blaberidae)
Among Geoscapheinae, male genitalia vary greatly from almost a full complement to nearly a complete absence of blaberid phallomeres; however, not all species possess the L2dphallomere.
Third reported nest of solitary sandpiper in Ontario
On the morning of 10 June 2003, I found myself in a beautiful tract of mature forest just east of Wakami Lake Provincial Park in Sudbury District, near Chapleau, Ontario. I was conducting point
Five new speicies of soil burrowing cockroaches from Queensland (Blattodea: Blaberidae: Geoscapheinae)
One with processes at the laterocaudal angle of tergite 7 only very weakly produced is described, and the descriptions of Australian Panesthiinae and Geoscapheinae are modified to accommodate all known species.