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The weakest link in many mobile robots is perception. In order to build robots that are reliable and dependable and safe, we need to build robots that can see. Perception is becoming a solved problem for certain constrained environments. But for robots working outdoors, and at high speeds, and in close proximity to people, perception is still incomplete.(More)
Increasingly, the need to seamlessly link high-level behavioural descriptions of electronic hardware for modelling and simulation purposes to the final application hardware highlights the gap between the high-level behavioural descriptions of the required circuit functionality (considering here digital logic) in commonly used mathematical modelling tools,(More)
Today, the trend within the electronics industry is for the use of rapid and advanced simulation methodologies in association with synthesis toolsets. This paper presents an approach developed to support mixed-signal circuit design and analysis. The methodology proposed shows a novel approach to the problem of developing behavioral model descriptions of(More)
In this paper, we present a novel approach to optimizing the implementation of signal processing kernels on Reconfigurable Application Specific Architectures (RASCs). RASCs expose so many lower level hardware details to the software that a formalism that abstracts and allows optimization across the hardware/software boundary is required. There exists no(More)
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