Jake O’Brien

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In the years 1999 and 2001, three intense tropical cyclones formed over the northern Indian Ocean—two over the Bay of Bengal during 15–19 and 25–29 October, 1999 and one over the Arabian Sea during 21–28 May, 2001. We examined the thermal, salinity and circulation responses at the sea surface due to these severe cyclones in order to understand the air-sea(More)
The Northern HIPASS catalogue (NHICAT) is the northern extension of the HIPASS catalogue, HICAT. This extension adds the sky area between the declination (Dec.) range of +2◦ < δ < +25◦30′ to HICAT’s Dec. range of −90◦ < δ < +2◦. HIPASS is a blind H I survey using the Parkes Radio Telescope covering 71 per cent of the sky (including this northern extension)(More)
The H i Parkes All Sky Survey (Hipass) is a blind extragalactic H i 21-cm emission line survey covering the whole southern sky from declination −90◦ to +25◦. The Hipass catalogue (Hicat), containing 4315 H i-selected galaxies from the region south of declination +2◦, is presented in Meyer et al. (2004a, Paper I). This paper describes in detail the(More)
Photosystem II (PSII) herbicides have been detected in nearshore tropical waters such as those of the Great Barrier Reef and may add to the pressure posed by runoff containing sediments and nutrients to threatened seagrass habitats. There is a growing number of studies into the potential effects of herbicides on seagrass, generally using large experimental(More)
We present the largest catalogue to date of optical counterparts for H I radio-selected galaxies, HOPCAT. Of the 4315 H I radio-detected sources from the H I Parkes All Sky Survey (HIPASS) catalogue, we find optical counterparts for 3618 (84 per cent) galaxies. Of these, 1798 (42 per cent) have confirmed optical velocities and 848 (20 per cent) are single(More)
The purpose of this work is to highlight the importance of taking into account the two-way interaction between flame and acoustics in the prediction of combustion noise generated by enclosed turbulent flames. It is argued that in general the power spectral density (PSD) of noise inside a combustion chamber can be determined accurately only if the influence(More)
We present the largest catalogue to date of optical counterparts for HI radioselected galaxies, Hopcat. Of the 4315 HI radio-detected sources from the HI Parkes All Sky Survey (Hipass) catalogue, we find optical counterparts for 3618 (84%) galaxies. Of these, 1798 (42%) have confirmed optical velocities and 848 (20%) are single matches without confirmed(More)
A simplified process to fabricate high aspect ratio nanostructures in silicon combining electron beam lithography and deep reactive ion etching (DRIE) is presented. A stable process (HARSiN) has been developed without the need for complicated resist/hard mask processing or complex dry etch technologies. This is achieved using commercially available ZEP520A(More)
The Hi Parkes All-Sky Survey (Hipass) Catalogue forms the largest uniform catalogue of Hi sources compiled to date, with 4,315 sources identified purely by their Hi content. The catalogue data comprise the southern region δ < +2◦ of Hipass, the first blind Hi survey to cover the entire southern sky. RMS noise for this survey is 13 mJy beam and the velocity(More)
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