Jake O’Brien

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The H i Parkes All Sky Survey (Hipass) is a blind extragalactic H i 21-cm emission line survey covering the whole southern sky from declination −90 • to +25 •. The Hipass catalogue (Hicat), containing 4315 H i-selected galaxies from the region south of decli-nation +2 • , is presented in Meyer et al. (2004a, Paper I). This paper describes in detail the(More)
The Hi Parkes All-Sky Survey (Hipass) Catalogue forms the largest uniform catalogue of Hi sources compiled to date, with 4,315 sources identified purely by their Hi content. The catalogue data comprise the southern region δ < +2 • of Hipass, the first blind Hi survey to cover the entire southern sky. RMS noise for this survey is 13 mJy beam −1 and the(More)
Photosystem II (PSII) herbicides have been detected in nearshore tropical waters such as those of the Great Barrier Reef and may add to the pressure posed by runoff containing sediments and nutrients to threatened seagrass habitats. There is a growing number of studies into the potential effects of herbicides on seagrass, generally using large experimental(More)
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