Jake Kim

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We describe an information system architecture for the ACES (Asia-Pacific Cooperation for Earthquake Simulation) community. It addresses several key features of the field – simulations at multiple scales that need to be coupled together; real-time and archival observational data, which needs to be analyzed for patterns and linked to the simulations; a(More)
Cardiovascular disease is the second most prevalent cause of morbidity and mortality in women of developed countries. Although it is well established that gender is a risk factor for cardiovascular disease, most gene expression analysis studies favour the identification of disease bio-markers and potential drug targets over combined populations. This study(More)
The prevalence of chronic diseases in America has increased substantially within the last few decades, increasing the cost of healthcare by billions of dollars. In addition, these diseases have a higher incidence rate for low­ income populations who may have greater difficulty accessing adequate re­ sources or appropriate treatments. There has been a(More)
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