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This paper highlights a very important problem with network perimeter firewalls. The threat discussed is not exactly new, but neither is it widely recognised— even amongst network security professionals. Most commercial firewalls claim to be application layer devices, but they derive very little useful information about the context of the application(More)
New technologies are becoming available to reduce the frequency of crashes. They may be vehicle based or road based and will involve a variety of levels of information provision to drivers and increasing levels of control over the vehicle. Vehicle systems under development include Intelligent Speed Control, Lane keeping, Adaptive Cruise Control, night(More)
QuickPay is a micro payment scheme with prepayment 1, 6. The customer must register with the broker to obtain an electronic carnet with value tokens before a sale may take place. It is possible to acquire additional value tokens, or to refresh the value tokens at any time. A merchant must also register with the broker to obtain an electronic till with(More)
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