Jake Griffiths

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A water-based carbon screen-printing ink formulation, containing the redox mediator cobalt phthalocyanine (CoPC) and the enzyme glucose oxidase (GOx), was investigated for its suitability to fabricate glucose microbiosensors in a 96-well microplate format: (1) the biosensor ink was dip-coated onto a platinum (Pt) wire electrode, leading to satisfactory(More)
Microband biosensors, screen-printed from a water-based carbon ink containing cobalt phthalocyanine redox mediator and glucose oxidase (GOD) enzyme, were used to monitor glucose levels continuously in buffer and culture medium. Five biosensors were operated amperometrically (E(app) of +0.4V), in a 12-well tissue culture plate system at 37°C, using a(More)
NOAA’s National Geodetic Survey (NGS) has been one of the Analysis Centers (ACs) of the International GNSS Service (IGS) since its inception in 1994. Solutions for daily GPS orbits and Earth orientation parameters are regularly contributed to the IGS Rapid and Final products, as well as solutions of weekly station positions. These solutions are combined(More)
In spinal cord disease of horses, a complete history, neurologic examination, and adjunctive diagnostic procedures are very helpful in establishing a tentative diagnosis; however, a definitive diagnosis may be difficult or impossible to establish antemortem. Medical management should be initiated with full consideration of possible etiologies and knowledge(More)
Drug interactions are often the result of complex biochemical, physical, and kinetic factors and may not often be easily predicted or even recognized. Although this article has attempted to point out the more common mechanisms and results of drug interactions, the few interactions that have been documented in small animals are undoubtedly only the tip of(More)
The Naval Research Laboratory developed and launched the spherical SpinSat satellite to accomplish two primary goals: 1) study the performance of a new class of micro-thrusters, and 2) provide a calibrated drag experiment to characterize Earth’s upper atmosphere during the current period of relatively high solar activity. The 55.9 cm diameter aluminum(More)
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