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Mutual interferences of driving and texting performance
The mutual interferences of driving and texting inform the theory of dual-task performance and provide a scientific foundation to develop a smartphone-based technology to reduce the risky behavior of texting while driving. Expand
Driving While Reading Using Google Glass Versus Using a Smartphone: Which is More Distracting to Driving Performance?
Using a phone while driving leads to distraction and impaired driving performance. When reading text on a phone, the act of looking away from the road could cause driving impairment. WearableExpand
Which is a Better In-Vehicle Information Display? A Comparison of Google Glass and Smartphones
Although both HMD and HDD use impaired driving performance, drivers produced smaller lane variation, had fewer lane excursions, and lower subjective workload when using an HMD than when using a head-down display, such as an HDD. Expand
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