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Crispin Wright's discussion of the notion of 'transmission-failure' promises to have important philosophical ramifications, both in epistemology and beyond. This paper offers a precise, formal characterisation of the concept within a Bayes-ian framework. The interpretation given avoids the serious shortcomings of a recent alternative proposal due to Samir(More)
We describe a procedure for detecting and localizing cytomegalovirus DNA sequences based on in situ hybridization at the ultrastructural level. A digoxigenin-labelled probe, identified with an anti-digoxigenin colloidal gold-labelled antiserum, was employed on infected cells embedded in a new acrylic resin (Bioacryl). The silver enhancement method on the(More)
1. Setting the scene Like Jason of the Friday the 13 th franchise, the thesis that probabilities of conditionals are conditional probabilities has enjoyed a number of resurrections. Lewis (1976) appeared to have killed it in his famous triviality results; but van Fraassen (1976) resuscitated it. Stalnaker (1976) attacked it some more; but Rehder (1982)(More)
Bayesianism provides a rich theoretical framework, which lends itself rather naturally to the explication of various " contrastive " and " non-contrastive " concepts. In this (brief) discussion, I will focus on issues involving " contrastivism " , as they arise in some of the recent philosophy of science, epistemology, and cog-nitive science literature(More)
In a recent article, Douven and Williamson offer both (i) a rebuttal of various recent suggested sufficient conditions for rational acceptability and (ii) an alleged 'generaliza-tion' of this rebuttal, which, they claim, tells against a much broader class of potential suggestions. However, not only is the result mentioned in (ii) not a generalization of the(More)
Bed bug, Cimex lectularius L., management in low-income, high-rise housing for the elderly and disabled can be difficult. Early detection is key to slowing their spread, and reducing management cost and time needed for control. To determine the minimum number of passive monitors needed to detect low-level bed bug infestations in this environment, we(More)
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