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1. Setting the scene Like Jason of the Friday the 13 th franchise, the thesis that probabilities of conditionals are conditional probabilities has enjoyed a number of resurrections. Lewis (1976) appeared to have killed it in his famous triviality results; but van Fraassen (1976) resuscitated it. Stalnaker (1976) attacked it some more; but Rehder (1982)(More)
Bayesianism provides a rich theoretical framework, which lends itself rather naturally to the explication of various " contrastive " and " non-contrastive " concepts. In this (brief) discussion, I will focus on issues involving " contrastivism " , as they arise in some of the recent philosophy of science, epistemology, and cog-nitive science literature(More)
In a recent article, Douven and Williamson offer both (i) a rebuttal of various recent suggested sufficient conditions for rational acceptability and (ii) an alleged 'generaliza-tion' of this rebuttal, which, they claim, tells against a much broader class of potential suggestions. However, not only is the result mentioned in (ii) not a generalization of the(More)
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