Jaka Katrasnik

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Power line inspection is of the utmost importance for the reliability and stability of electric power distribution. However, manual inspection is a hazardous, slow, expensive and unreliable task. Therefore, new highly specialized robots are required to improve the overall quality and safety of the power line inspection. The research conducted so far has(More)
The accuracy of the radiometric response of acousto-optic tunable filter (AOTF) hyperspectral imaging systems is crucial for obtaining reliable measurements. It is therefore important to know the radiometric response and noise characteristics of the hyperspectral imaging system used. A radiometric model of an AOTF hyperspectral imaging system composed of an(More)
  • H Y Ban, M Schweiger, +11 authors A G Yodh
  • Medical physics
  • 2016
PURPOSE The authors introduce a state-of-the-art all-optical clinical diffuse optical tomography (DOT) imaging instrument which collects spatially dense, multispectral, frequency-domain breast data in the parallel-plate geometry. METHODS The instrument utilizes a CCD-based heterodyne detection scheme that permits massively parallel detection of diffuse(More)
Near-infrared hyperspectral imaging is becoming a popular tool in various fields. In all imaging systems, proper illumination is crucial for attaining optimal image quality that is needed for the best performance of image analysis algorithms. In hyperspectral imaging, the acquired spectral signature has to be representative in all parts of the imaged(More)
Spectrometers and spectral imaging systems based on the acousto-optical tunable filter (AOTF) are becoming commonly used in many different fields in which high spectral resolution is crucial, e.g., laser-induced breakdown spectroscopy, Raman spectroscopy, and absorption spectroscopy of gases. As AOTFs have many advantages over other spectroscopic(More)
Every imaging system requires a geometric calibration to yield accurate optical measurements. Geometric calibration typically involves imaging of a known calibration object and finding the parameters of a camera model and a model of optical aberrations. Optical aberrations can vary significantly across the wide spectral ranges of hyperspectral imaging(More)
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