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Colon perforation is an abdominal surgical emergency in the pediatric population, but is seldom reported when occurring from non-traumatic causes in children beyond the neonate. The goal of this study was to identify the clinical characteristics, management, and outcomes of non-traumatic colon perforation in children. Medical records for the 10-year period(More)
BACKGROUND Severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS) has become a global public health emergency. OBJECTIVE To evaluate the characteristics and outcomes of patients with SARS in Hong Kong and to identify predictors of mortality. DESIGN Retrospective cohort study. SETTING Quarantine hospital for patients with SARS in Hong Kong. PATIENTS 267(More)
BACKGROUND AND AIM With the Westernization of the lifestyle and the rising prevalence of obesity and diabetes mellitus, non-alcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD) is an emerging health problem in the Asia-Pacific region. The purpose of this study was to determine the awareness of NAFLD among the general population in Hong Kong. METHODS A random telephone(More)
BACKGROUND Omeprazole enhances the efficacy of bismuth-based triple therapy. It is unknown whether the same is true for other proton pump inhibitors. Lansoprazole has superior anti-Helicobacter activity in vitro and possibly also in vivo; therefore we investigated quadruple therapy with lansoprazole. MATERIALS AND METHODS In two studies performed in(More)
We retrospectively analyzed 92 cases of severe rickettsial infections in patients (median age = 49 years, 57% male, 37.0% with scrub typhus) in Hong Kong. Immunofluorescence assay was used for diagnostic confirmation. Identification of > or = 1 diagnostic sign (exposure history, rash, or eschar) was possible in 94.6% of the cases. Multivariate analysis(More)
BACKGROUND We have shown that 4 days of quadruple therapy after omeprazole pre-treatment is an effective therapy for curing H. pylori infection. In this study we investigated whether this regimen would maintain the high cure rate during long-term follow-up. Some recent studies have reported high recurrence rates after apparent cure. Apparently not all(More)
BACKGROUND Few patients with a history of peptic ulcer are treated by their GP for H. pylori infection, even though theoretical evidence supports such an approach. OBJECTIVES We aimed to determine the validity of this recommendation and to test the feasibility of quadruple therapy in primary health care. METHODS In this prospective, non-randomized(More)
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