Jaiteg Singh

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Cloud Computing is a set of IT Services that are provided to a customer over a network and these services are delivered by third party provider who owns the infrastructure and reduce the burden at user’s end. Nowadays researchers devoted their work access control method to enhance the security on Cloud. RBAC is attractive access model because the number of(More)
Master data is critical for any business organization. Big organizations like Oracle, Infosys, IBM, Google, Facebook and TCS started working on Master Data Management (MDM) in early 20's. Multinational corporations spend millions of dollars for Managing their Master Data, so as to ensure quality of service and customer retention as well. Unlike big(More)
The evolution of web has changed the way of interaction with the user. Web 2.0 encouraged more contribution from the user of varying level of mapping experience and is called Crowd Sourcing. Open Street Map is also the outcome of Crowd Sourcing. It is collecting huge data with help of general public, researchers have started analysing the data rather than(More)
The meaning and purposes of web has been changing and evolving day by day. Web 2. 0 encouraged more contribution by the end users. This movement provided revolutionary methods of sharing and computing data by crowdsourcing such as OpenStreetmap, also called "the wikification of maps" by some researchers. When crowdsourcing collects huge data with(More)
In today’s scenario, extraction–transformation– loading (eTl) tools have become important pieces of software responsible for integrating heterogeneous information from several sources. The task of carrying out the eTl process is potentially a complex, hard and time consuming. Organisations now –a-days are concerned about vast qualities of data. The data(More)
Opinion these days is considered vital to attract probable customers; hence e-commerce websites are facilitating the existing customers to share their experiences about the products they have used. The dawn of e-commerce business has resulted into some firms, which post reviews that are carefully designed to influence the opinion of prospective customers.(More)
More than the last few period technological enlargements incorporate the increase of online mapping. Next to that, OpenStreetMap project, a standard basis of generously data composed via different cases, have experience a reliable raise in status in modern time. Solitary, key requirement to facilitate is directly connected to this status is raise in(More)
Web page ranking algorithms are used to score the universal resource locators or simply online links of the Web applications. The corporate world strives to develop the Web applications in such a way so that it can be visible on the top results in the major search engines and search directories. A number of Web page ranking algorithms are developed with(More)
OpenStreetMap (OSM), based on collaborative mapping, has become a subject of great interest to the academic community, resulting in a considerable body of literature produced by many researchers. In this paper, we use Latent Semantic Analysis (LSA) to help identify the emerging research trends in OSM. An extensive corpus of 485 academic abstracts of papers(More)