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The evolution of web has changed the way of interaction with the user. Web 2.0 encouraged more contribution from the user of varying level of mapping experience and is called Crowd Sourcing. Open Street Map is also the outcome of Crowd Sourcing. It is collecting huge data with help of general public, researchers have started analysing the data rather than(More)
Cloud Computing is a set of IT Services that are provided to a customer over a network and these services are delivered by third party provider who owns the infrastructure and reduce the burden at user's end. Nowadays researchers devoted their work access control method to enhance the security on Cloud. RBAC is attractive access model because the number of(More)
The meaning and purposes of web has been changing and evolving day by day. Web 2.0 encouraged more contribution by the end users. This movement provided revolutionary methods of sharing and computing data by crowdsourcing such as OpenStreetmap, also called " the wikification of maps " by some researchers. When crowdsourcing collects huge data with help of(More)
Data quality is major concern area in an Data Warehouse environment. ETL tools focus on detection and correction of data quality problems that affect the success of a data warehouse. Data imported from source into the data warehouse often has different quality, format, coding etc. In order to bring all the data together in a standard, homogeneous(More)
Researcher and policy makers perform many of the survey techniques for collecting data to identify their findings and decisions. The aim is to demonstrate a tool TDG that generates the synthetic dataset for researchers and policy makers where initials estimates are not available. In this paper we are discussing the approaches & key issues in generating the(More)
Master data is critical for any business organization. Big organizations like Oracle, Infosys, IBM, Google, Facebook and TCS started working on Master Data Management (MDM) in early 20's. Multinational corporations spend millions of dollars for Managing their Master Data, so as to ensure quality of service and customer retention as well. Unlike big(More)
Cloud computing is an emerging model of business computing. It is basically a model that helps to provide on-demand network access from a shared pool that consists of client computers, distributed servers, cloud storage, applications and cloud services to the consumers. Cloud computing is definitely more than the internet. It is touching the new heights in(More)
Research in sentiment analysis, as defined, goes for classifying obstinate writings as per the extremity of the sentiment communicated. On the other hand, contingent upon the final utilization of the sentiment analysis errand, order of opinion is carried out at diverse levels. Case in point, when a user is keen on figuring out opinions individuals gave(More)
Semantic Web ontologies are extensively used to drive Decision Support System, Data Integration, Natural Language Processing, Information extraction and many other fields. Ontologies specify complete descriptions and relationships about how to express information. Semantic Interoperatability and Integration is also a major issue involved in semantic web. In(More)
Sentiment analysis is the study of classifying human's sentiments, evaluations, attitudes, opinions about some topic, expressed in form of text or speech. In order to improve the customer satisfaction, many e-commerce sites provides the provision to write reviews about products. Instead of manually reading and evaluating numerous reviews, an automated(More)