Jaiteg Singh

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Cloud Computing is a set of IT Services that are provided to a customer over a network and these services are delivered by third party provider who owns the infrastructure and reduce the burden at user's end. Nowadays researchers devoted their work access control method to enhance the security on Cloud. RBAC is attractive access model because the number of(More)
The meaning and purposes of web has been changing and evolving day by day. Web 2.0 encouraged more contribution by the end users. This movement provided revolutionary methods of sharing and computing data by crowdsourcing such as OpenStreetmap, also called " the wikification of maps " by some researchers. When crowdsourcing collects huge data with help of(More)
Cloud computing is an emerging model of business computing. It is basically a model that helps to provide on-demand network access from a shared pool that consists of client computers, distributed servers, cloud storage, applications and cloud services to the consumers. Cloud computing is definitely more than the internet. It is touching the new heights in(More)
The progression of interleaved domains like software engineering, natural language processing, artificial intelligence, programming languages and cloud computing has resulted in evolution of concept called semantic computing. Semantic computing is responsible drilling out the requisite information and semantically analyzes the same for efficient machine(More)
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