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In this study, hybrids 7–12 and 19–24 were synthesized via Williamson reaction of O-Quinaldine alkyl bromide plus eugenol and O-triclosan alkyl bromide plus 8-hydroxyquinaldine, respectively. Structures of the products were elucidated by spectroscopic analysis. The compounds synthesized were evaluated for antileishmanial activity against L. panamensis(More)
The title mol-ecule, (E)-2,3',4,5-tetra-methoxy-stilbene, C(18)H(20)O(4), is virtually planar. The angle between the two benzene rings is 4.06 (6)°. The inter-molecular inter-actions present in the structure are weak. There are C-H⋯O hydrogen bonds and C-H⋯π-electron ring inter-actions. The mol-ecules are ordered into planes that are parallel to (01). The(More)
Species of Picramnia genus are used in folk medicine to treat or prevent skin disorders, but only few species have been studied for biological activity and chemical composition. P. gracilis Tul. is a native species from Central and South America and although its fruits are edible, phytochemical analysis or medicinal uses of this species are not known. In(More)
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