Jairo Jose Espinosa

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In a Hierarchical Model Predictive Control (H-MPC) framework, this paper explores suitable time-variant structures for the hierarchies of different local MPC controllers. The idea is to adapt to different operational conditions by changing the importance of the local controllers. This is done by defining the level of the hierarchy they belong to, and(More)
—This paper presents a performance comparison of both the Levenverg-Marquardt and Extended Kalman Filter methods for neural network training. As a testbed, an indoor localization problem was solved by the neural network from the RSSI data obtained through a experimental measurement. Both methods were used to train the network, and the MSE (mean squared(More)
—This paper deals with the problem of the loss of performance of the pair observer-controller, when measurements have a delay due to communication over networks. Here we consider the case where the estimation of the states is carried out using a moving horizon estimator (MHE), the control actions are computed by using a centralized model predictive(More)
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