Jairo Jose Espinosa

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The article comprises three main parts: a historical review on navigation, the mathematical basics for calculation and the clinical applications of navigation devices. Main historical steps are described from the first idea till the realisation of the frame-based and frameless navigation devices including robots. In particular the idea of robots can be(More)
MEG/EEG brain imaging has become an important tool in neuroimaging. The reconstruction of cortical current flow is an ill-posed problem, but its uncertainty can be reduced by including prior information within a Bayesian framework. Typically this involves using knowledge of the cortical manifold to construct a set of possible regions of neural source(More)
This paper presents an algorithm for predictive control using fuzzy models.This strategy is a Predictive Control Strategy for Nonlinear systems. The algorithm takes advantage of the already well known methods for linear systems (like Generalized Predictive Control). Analysis of the modiied algorithm is presented and performance comparisons are shown. The(More)
Fuzzy control and predictive control techniques are two modern control strategies that have been accepted by the industry to solve complex problems. Everyday the industry demands control strategies that can deliver better performance for several operating points and these requirements have motivated the development of the theory of Nonlinear Model(More)
We present an algorithm to extract rules relating input-output data. The rules are created in the environment of fuzzy systems. The concept of linguistic integrity is discussed and used as a framework to propose an algorithm for rule extraction (AFRELI). The algorithm is complemented with the use of the FuZion algorithm created to merge consecutive(More)
Feasible-cooperation distributed model predictive control scheme based on game theory, " Abstract: This work deals with the formulation of a distributed model predictive control scheme as a decision problem in which the decisions of each subsystem affect the decisions of the other subsystems and the performance of the whole system. This decision problem is(More)
MEG/EEG brain imaging has become an important tool in neuroimaging. Current techniques based in Bayesian approaches require an a-priori definition of patch locations on the cortical manifold. Too many patches results in a complex optimisation problem, too few an under sampling of the solution space. In this work random locations of the possible active(More)
Fuzzy control systems have been extensively used on industrial applications. In the recent years Fuzzy Modeling had become the center of attention for researchers in the area. The theory has been oriented mainly to static function approximation and classiication problems but very few publications have addressed the problem of dynamic function approximation.(More)
In a Hierarchical Model Predictive Control (H-MPC) framework, this paper explores suitable time-variant structures for the hierarchies of different local MPC controllers. The idea is to adapt to different operational conditions by changing the importance of the local controllers. This is done by defining the level of the hierarchy they belong to, and(More)
The current paper presents an algorithm to build a fuzzy relational model from input-output data. The paper discuss the trade-oo between linguistic integrity and accuracy and propose an algorithm for rule extraction (AFRELI). The algorithm uses a routine named FuZion to merge consecutive membership functions and guaranteed the distinguishability between the(More)