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OpenMP is still in the process of being defined and extended to broad the range of applications and paralleliza-tion strategies it can be used for. The proposal of OpenMP extensions may require the implementation of new features in the runtime system supporting the OpenMP parallel execution and modifications in an existing OpenMP compiler , either at the(More)
This paper describes the implementation of a runtime library for asynchronous communication in the Cell BE processor. The runtime library implementation provides with several services that allow the compiler to generate code, maximizing the chances for overlapping communication and computation. The library implementation is organized as a Software Cache and(More)
Multi–threaded web servers are typically parallelized by hand using the pthreads library. OpenMP has rarely been used to parallelize such kind of applications, although we foresee that it can be a great tool for network servers developers. In this paper we compare how easy is to parallelize the Boa web server using OpenMP, compared to a pthreads(More)
This paper presents the alternatives available to support threadprivate data in OpenMP and evaluates them. We show how current compilation systems rely on custom techniques for implementing thread-local data. But in fact the ELF binary specification currently supports data sections that become threadprivate by default. ELF naming for such areas is(More)
This paper explores the benefits and limitations of using a inspector/executor approach for Software Distributed Shared Memory (SDSM) systems. The role of the inspector is to obtain a description of the address space accessed during the execution of parallel loops. The information collected by the inspector will enable the runtime to optimize the movement(More)
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