Jairo Avelar

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An outbreak of post-rhinoplasty nasal cellulitis due to Mycobacterium chelonae in a secondary care centre is described. A case-control study demonstrated that the use of inadequately sterilized surgical equipment in the Otorhinolaryngology Department was a risk factor. The causal organism was cultured from the equipment, from the surface of the operating(More)
The PaeLife project is a European industry-academia collaboration whose goal is to provide the elderly with easy access to online services that make their life easier and encourage their continued participation in the society. To reach this goal, the project partners are developing a multimodal virtual personal life assistant (PLA) offering a wide range of(More)
Currently available speech recognisers do not usually work well with elderly speech. This is because several characteristics of speech (e.g. fundamental frequency, jitter, shimmer and harmonic noise ratio) change with age and because the acoustic models used by speech recognisers are typically trained with speech collected from younger adults only. To(More)
Large speech corpora with word-level transcriptions annotated for noises and disfluent speech are necessary for training automatic speech recognisers. Crowdsourcing is a lower cost , faster-turnaround, highly scalable alternative for expert transcription and annotation. In this paper, we showcase our three-step crowdsourcing approach motivated by the(More)
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