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This paper presents a study of the characteristics of viable business models in the field of Mobile Commerce (m-commerce). Mobility has given new dimensions to the way commerce works. All over the world various stake-holder organisations are consistently probing into the areas where m-commerce can be exploited and can generate revenue or value for them,(More)
EXECUTIVE SUMMARY This research deals with two aspects of mobile commerce (m-commerce); namely killer applications and critical success factors. After compiling significant information from the related literature, a Delphi panel was assembled by selecting a group of experts who has significant knowledge about m-commerce and wireless communications. The(More)
We present a generic, agent-based simulation environment for dynamic pricing in next-generation wireless networks. While a lot of effort has been put into simulation platforms for recreating the behaviour of IP-based traffic in fixed and wireless networks, no standard platform for simulating different pricing schemes in such networks has yet emerged. Our(More)
This paper examines some of the key problems users encounter when accessing current generation wireless networks. Using a case study of a hypothetical user, the authors explore the emerging services and the new broadband wireless network technologies necessary to carry them out. This paper analyses the issues associated with an observed trend in the(More)
Next-generation networks have the potential to service users without pre-existing contractual arrangements by using readily accessible pricing policies. The key issue is how to enable ad-hoc users to learn about the policies offered by a particular provider and to facilitate a negotiation between the provider and the potential user. Researchers working on(More)