Jaipal R. Katkuri

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The measurement model nonlinearity is a major challenge in target tracking. This paper presents a comparative performance study of seven nonlinear filters in handling the measurement model nonlinearity. They are: the extended Kalman filter, the unscented filter, the second order divided-differences filter, the Gauss-Hermite quadrature filter, the two-step(More)
Addressed is the problem of Bayesian detector design for a signal with unknown parameters when the prior distribution of the parameters is non-Gaussian, and, possibly, the noise is non-Gaussian. An optimal detector for a Gaussian-mixture model of the parameter prior distribution is derived. A general technique for design of suboptimal Bayesian detectors(More)
A polytopic model (PM) structure is often used in the areas of automatic control and fault detection as an alternative multiple model approach that explicitly allows for interpolation among local models. The model that is valid, usually unknown, is represented by a weighed combination of models in a given model set. Proposed is a novel approach to PM(More)
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