Jaione Bengoechea

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The spatial characterization of laser-induced plasmas, including their temperature, electron density, and relative atom density, has been carried out by emission spectroscopy. The plasmas were generated with iron samples in air and argon at atmospheric pressure. An imaging spectrometer equipped with an intensified CCD detector procured spectra with spatial(More)
 Abstract—Real time monitoring in both electrical transmission and distribution lines is an interesting option for knowing the electrical load level of these lines. The information about the load level allows alleviating the overloaded lines if the power can be transferred to other lines. In this paper, a new ampacity monitoring system for overhead lines,(More)
We report the first observation to our knowledge of room-temperature continuous-wave laser operation of a Pr(3+):KY(3)F(10) single crystal at 644.5 nm, pumped by a blue GaN laser diode emitting at 446 nm. With a 2.5% transmission output coupler and a nonoptimized optical cavity, an output power of 39 mW was obtained at 644.5 nm with a laser threshold of 125(More)
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