Jain-Wei Wu

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The application of capsaicin (1 microM) produced a minor relaxant effect in endothelium-denuded rat aortae. However, capsaicin caused a greater relaxation of blood vessels precontracted with high K+ or phenylephrine. The effects of capsaicin on the ionic currents were also examined in A7r5 vascular smooth muscle cells. The tight-seal whole-cell voltage(More)
Experiments show that the resting ouabain-insensitive sodium efflux in giant fibers from the barnacle Balanus nubilus is stimulated by external application of pentachlorophenol (PCP). This work has now been extended to include a study of muscle fibers preloaded with the Ca2+ indicator aequorin to determine whether PCP is able to increase light emission; and(More)
The hypothesis that chloramine-T stimulates the basal Na+ efflux in barnacle fibers as the result of the entry of trigger Ca2+ into the myoplasm from the bathing medium was examined in this study. Two reasons for doing so can be given. One is that the oxidant is known to abolish inactivation in sodium and potassium channels. The other is that L-type Ca2+(More)
Curdlan is produced by Agrobacterium sp. ATCC 31749 under nitrogen-limited conditions not associated with cell growth. A novel curdlan production process was developed based on the different nutrient requirements for microbial cell growth and its efficiency was increased by integrating carbon/nitrogen sources control and sequencing dual fed-batch fermentors(More)
A novel hydrogel was prepared from polysialic acid (PSA) and carboxymethyl chitosan (CMCS) using glutaraldehyde as the cross-linking agent. The resulting PSA–CMCS hydrogel exhibited pH sensitivity, in which the swelling ratio under acidic conditions was higher than those under neutral or alkaline conditions. The swelling ratio of PSA–CMCS hydrogel at(More)
A neutral high salt tolerant protease from Aspergillus oryzae CICIM F0899 which could be used for soy sauce production and other relevant applications under high-salt conditions was purified to homogeneity through ammonium sulfate precipitation, ion-exchange chromatography and gel filtration chromatography with overall recovery of 2%. Its molecular weight(More)
Bluetooth is an emerging technology to build a solution for providing short range, low power, low cost, and ubiquitous wireless environments. In this paper we propose a algorithm for asynchronous data traffic at the Medium Access Control(MAC) layer to meet Bluetooth characteristic and compare with other scheduling algorithms. The algorithm, named Efficient(More)
They were amplified by PCR using the following primers: dRrp6 þ 1F and dRrp6 þ 579R; dMtr3 þ 1F and dMtr3 þ 326R; Rrp4 þ 1F and Rrp4 þ 298R; dSki6 þ 1F and dSki6 þ 246R; dCsl4 þ 1F and dCsl4 þ 204R. They were digested with the appropriate restriction endonucleases and cloned into pMAL-C2 (New England Biolabs) to create MBP–dRrp6N, MBP–dMtr3, MBP–dRrp4,(More)
The effects of nonivamide on the cardiovascular system were examined and compared with the effects of substance P (SP) in rats. Intravenous (i.v.) injection (10 micrograms/kg) of nonivamide produced triphasic pressure responses (A; depressor, B; pressor, and C; depressor) and biphasic bradycardia responses (f; fast bradycardia and s; slow bradycardia). IA(More)
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