Jain-Shing Wu

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The problem of placing wireless transmitters to meet particular objectives, such as coverage and cost, has proven to be NP-hard. Furthermore, the heterogeneity of wireless networks makes the problem more intractable to deal with. This paper presents a novel multiobjective variable-length genetic algorithm to solve this problem. One does not need to(More)
MOTIVATION Before performing a polymerase chain reaction experiment, a pair of primers to clip the target DNA subsequence is required. However, this is a tedious task as too many constraints need to be satisfied. Various kinds of approaches for designing a primer have been proposed in the last few decades, but most of them do not have restriction sites on(More)
To protect data and location privacy of an RFID user, the transmitted sensitive information of RIFD tags must be encrypted and unpredictable. The previous approaches to protect user privacy for RFID are classified into authentication-based schemes, encryption-based schemes, and dynamic identity schemes. However, authentication-based schemes are easily(More)
Data leakage has become a serious problem to many organizations. To provide visibility into what data is confidential and where it's stored, many of current data leakage prevention (DLP) solutions depend on scanning file content. This approach needs the capability of parsing various file formats, but for those unsupported file formats there still exist(More)
To enable the immediate and efficient dispatch of relief to victims of disaster, this study proposes a greedy-search-based, multi-objective, genetic algorithm capable of regulating the distribution of available resources and automatically generating a variety of feasible emergency logistics schedules for decision-makers. The proposed algorithm dynamically(More)
The multiplex PCR experiment is to amplify multiple regions of a DNA sequence at the same time by using different primer pairs. Designing feasible primer pairs for multiplex PCR is a tedious task since there are too many constraints to be satisfied. In this paper, a new method for multiplex PCR primer design strategy using genetic algorithm is proposed. The(More)
This study presents a novel application, MultiPrimer, to assist users to design multiplex PCR primers. MultiPrimer adopts an algorithm based on a genetic algorithm and can efficiently solve the multi-objective optimisation problem. A match pattern model is proposed to speed up examination of the specificity constraint. MultiPrimer is able to find a set of(More)
Radio Frequency identification (RFID) is the popular wireless induction system [1-7]. The same as the general bar code identification, each RFID tag in an RFID system is assumed that equips a unique ID (UID) itself. A standard RFID system is consisted of Tag, Reader, and Application. When an independent RFID tag approaches the RFID antenna, the induc‐ tion(More)
It has been discovered in recent years that the Internet attacks started by improper authorization on Web servers and Web applications. The top 10 Web vulnerabilities issued by OWASP and the top 20 security risks issued by SANS demonstrated that Web attacks is one of the most important network security problems. Therefore, with the help from Web attack(More)