Jaimin Dave

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In this paper, we present Vertica's customizable physical design tool, called the DBDesigner (DBD), that produces designs optimized for various scenarios and applications. For a given workload and space budget, DBD automatically recommends a physical design that optimizes query performance, storage footprint, fault tolerance and recovery to meet different(More)
Broad-scale spatiotemporal processes in conservation and sustainability science, such as continent-wide animal movement, occur across a range of spatial and temporal scales. Understanding these processes at multiple scales is crucial for developing and coordinating conservation strategies across national boundaries. In this paper we propose a general class(More)
The Vertica SQL Query Optimizer was written from the ground up for the Vertica Analytic Database. Its design and the tradeoffs we encountered during its implementation argue that the full power of novel database systems can only be realized with a carefully crafted custom Query Optimizer written specifically for the system in which it operates.
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