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Parallel Evolution of Endospory within Hornworts: Nothoceros renzagliensis (Dendrocerotaceae), sp. nov.
This work describes a new species of Nothoceros, N. renzagliensis, from Pasto, Colombia, that differs from its congeners by its endosporic condition and Dendroceros-like spores.
Type studies on Frullania subgenus Meteoriopsis (Hepaticae). I. The lectotypification of the genus Frullania, F. subgen. Thyopsiella and F. subgen. Meteoriopsis, and some species transferred from
A type revision of the species assigned to Frullania subgen. Meteoriopsis revealed that F. aculeata Taylor, F. atrata (Sw.) Nees, F. capilliformis Steph. (= F. brasiliensis Raddi), F. caracensis
As a result of a redefinition of subgenus Meteoriopsis and the study of type material, Frullania apollinarii Steph. is transferred from this subgenus to subgenus Thyopsiella and F. paranensis to
Type studies on Frullania subgenus Meteoriopsis (Hepaticae). V. Frullania dulimensis sp. nov. from Colombia
The new species belongs to Frullania subgenus Meteoriopsis and can be recognized by its dentate leaf margin and the very short, 1-3 cells long teeth, which is a unique feature of this sub genus.
Vertical distribution and diversity of epiphytic bryophytes in the Colombian Amazon
ABSTRACT Introduction. The purpose of this study was to analyse the variation in the vertical and spatial distribution of epiphytic bryophytes across four forests in the north-western Amazon. We
Liverworts new to Colombia
15 liverwort species new to the country are reported, with 730 species recorded, in 40 families, probably the richest country in liverworts in tropical America.
A synopsis of the Frullaniaceae (Marchantiophyta) from Colombia
Keys are provided for the identification of 42 Frullania species reported from Colombia together with brief descriptions of their main morphological characters, distribution, habitat and elevation in the country, as well as worldwide distribution.
Additions to the Catalogue of Hepaticae of Colombia II
Abstract Eighteen liverwort species, including seventeen members of Lejeuneaceae and one of Lepidoziaceae, are reported new to Colombia. All the new records are from lowland rainforests in the
Liverworts and mosses diversity of peatlands from Nevado del Tolima, Colombia
A study of the diversity of liverworts and mosses in the Tolima snow mountain was conducted in four peatlands (north face, eastern and western slopes) differentiated by water regimens. A total of 54
Polytrichadelphus spinosus (Polytrichaceae, Bryophyta), a New Species from Colombia
The new moss species Polytrichadelphus spinosus is recognized by the small teeth on the abaxial leaf surface, particularly on the costa, from the apex to the sheath, the pyriform to round apical cells of the lamellae, the broad shoulders and the stomata distributed almost over the entire capsule.