Jaime Torres

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A large epidemic of Chikungunya fever currently affects the Caribbean, Central and South America. Despite a high number of reported cases, little is known on the occurrence of severe clinical complications. We describe four Venezuelan patients with a severe and/or lethal course who exhibit unusual manifestations of the disease. Case 1 describes a 75(More)
Two brothers with congenitally-acquired Chagas' disease (CD) diagnosed during adulthood are reported. The patients were born in the USA to a mother from Bolivia who on subsequent assessment was found to be serologically positive for Trypanosoma cruzi. Serologic screening of all pregnant women who migrated from countries with endemic CD is strongly(More)
SUMMARY Twenty three patients with Cutaneous Larva Migrans syndrome were prospec­ tively treated with 400 mg/day of Albendazole for 3 consecutive days. Clinical respon­ se, compliance and tolerance was excellent. Patients were asymptomatic within the first 72 hours of treatment and recurrences did not occurred. Preliminary results with three additional(More)
A cluster of protracted migratory polyarthritis involving four adult family members occurred in January 2000 after a brief overnight outing in a rural area of Venezuela. Laboratory testing demonstrated Mayaro virus as the cause of the cluster. These results documented the first human cases of Mayaro virus in Venezuela.
Drug discovery and design for inhibition of the Hepatitis C Virus (HCV) NS3/4A serine protease is a major challenge. The broad, shallow, and generally featureless nature of the active site makes it a difficult target for "hit" selection especially using standard docking programs. There are several macrocyclic NS3/4A protease inhibitors that have been(More)
OBJECTIVE There are limited studies in Latin America regarding the chronic consequences of the Chikungunya virus (CHIK), such as post-CHIK chronic inflammatory rheumatism (pCHIK-CIR). We assessed the largest cohort so far of pCHIK-CIR in Latin America, at the municipality of La Virginia, Risaralda, a new endemic area of CHIK in Colombia. METHODS We(More)