Jaime R. Cabrera-Pardo

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Multicomponent reactions are employed extensively in many areas of organic chemistry. Despite significant progress, the discovery of such enabling transformations remains challenging. Here, we present the development of a parallel, label-free reaction-discovery platform that can be used in the identification of new multicomponent transformations. Our(More)
The identification of new reactions expands our knowledge of chemical reactivity and enables new synthetic applications. Accelerating the pace of this discovery process remains challenging. We describe a highly effective and simple platform for screening a large number of potential chemical reactions in order to discover and optimize previously unknown(More)
Palladium(II)-catalyzed C-H carbonylation reactions of methylene C-H bonds in secondary aliphatic amines lead to the formation of trans-disubstituted β-lactams in excellent yields and selectivities. The generality of the C-H carbonylation process is aided by the action of xantphos-based ligands and is important in securing good yields for the β-lactam(More)
We describe the development of efficient benzannulations of siloxy alkynes with pyridinium and isoquinolinium salts. Such reactions are successfully promoted by a stoichiometric amount of silver(I) benzolate under mild reaction conditions. This process proceeds via a formal inverse-electron demand Diels-Alder reaction, followed by fragmentation of the(More)
The fruit of Aristotelia chilensis is considered a “super fruit” due to its high concentration of polyphenols displaying exceptional antioxidant capacities ORAC. From maqui berries have been reported several anthocyanins and glycosylated flavonoids, those benefits increase the attention to restudy the plant. From the leaves of A. chilensis several indole(More)
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