Jaime Ortega

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Chagas disease is a leading cause of heart disease affecting approximately 10 million people in Latin America and elsewhere worldwide. The two major drugs available for the treatment of Chagas disease have limited efficacy in Trypanosoma cruzi-infected adults with indeterminate (patients who have seroconverted but do not yet show signs or symptoms) and(More)
Protein adsorption of large proteins on ion-exchange membrane columns was theoretically and experimentally investigated using batch and fixed-bed systems. Thyroglobulin was used as the model protein. The study strongly suggests that part of the protein is physically retained inside the column during frontal mode operation. These experimental results were(More)
T his article analyzes the costs and benefits of job rotation as a mechanism with which the firm can learn about the employees' productivities and the profitability of different jobs or activities. I compare job rotation to an assignment policy where employees specialize in one job along their career. The gains from adopting a job rotation policy are larger(More)
A consortium of institutions from Texas and Mexico has launched a new initiative for developing vaccines and other tools to control and eliminate neglected tropical diseases in Mesoamer-ica. The southern United States and northern Mexico not only share a border, they also share history, culture, and language. With its constant exchange of people and goods,(More)
This article brings together the market for products, the market for talent, and firms’ organizational form. While the organizational design determines the allocation of blame and fame within the firm, the value of a good reputation depends on the market structure. Consequently, the market structure dictates the optimal organizational design. If competition(More)
Breakthrough performance of plasmid DNA adsorption on ion-exchange membrane columns was theoretically and experimentally investigated using batch and fixed-bed systems. System dispersion curves showed the absence of flow non-idealities in the experimental arrangement. Breakthrough curves (BTC) were significantly affected by inlet flow rate and solute(More)
Here, we investigated the role of EhVps32 protein (a member of the endosomal-sorting complex required for transport) in endocytosis of Entamoeba histolytica, a professional phagocyte. Confocal microscopy, TEM and cell fractionation revealed EhVps32 in cytoplasmic vesicles and also located adjacent to the plasma membrane. Between 5 to 30 min of phagocytosis,(More)
A reverse merger (RM) is a technique in which a private company is acquired by a shell or defunct public company via stock swap. As a result, the private company becomes public. The main difference between an IPO and a RM is that an IPO allows going public and also allows raising capital while the RM only allows going public. This paper addresses the(More)
This dissertation proposes new instrumental variable methods to identify, estimate and test for causal effects of endogenous treatments. These new methods are distinguished by the combination of nonparametric identifying assumptions and semiparametric estimators that provide a parsimoniuous summary of the results. The thesis consists of three essays(More)