Jaime Navarro

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In scientific workflow environments, scientific discovery reproducibility, result interpretation, and problem diagnosis primarily depend on provenance, which records the history of an in-silico experiment. Resource Description Framework is frequently used to represent provenance based on vocabularies such as the Open Provenance Model. For complex scientific(More)
We reviewed information on management of useful palms in South America. We documented management for 96 species, from incidental activities intended to increase populations of wild palms to the inclusion of palms in complex agroforestry systems. Two species, Bactris gasipaes and Parajubaea cocoides, are domesticated. Managed species are remarkably fewer(More)
We construct the moduli space of r−jets at a point of Riemannian metrics on a smooth manifold. The construction is closely related to the problem of classification of jet metrics via differential invariants. The moduli space is proved to be a differentiable space which admits a finite canonical stratification into smooth manifolds. A complete study on the(More)
We consider solutions to the wave equation in 3+1 spacetime dimensions whose data is compactly supported at some initial time. For points outside a ball containing the initial support, we develop an outgoing wave condition, and associated one-way propagation formula, for the partial waves in the spherical-harmonic decomposition of the solution. The(More)