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ABSTRACT Coevolution of the angular leaf spot pathogen, Phaeoisariopsis griseola, with its common bean host has been demonstrated, and P. griseola isolates have been divided into Andean and Mesoamerican groups that correspond to defined bean gene pools. Recent characterization of P. griseola isolates from Africa has identified a group of isolates classified(More)
We conducted a study in a dengue-endemic area of Colombia to evaluate the dynamics of transmission of dengue viruses during and after epidemics. Information was simultaneously gathered about occurrence of infection in humans and mosquitoes every three months in four cities with endemic transmission. Viral isolation was confirmed in 6.7% of the persons and(More)
This letter analyzes the security weakness of a recently proposed communication method based on chaotic modulation and masking using synchronization of two chaotic systems with different orders. It is shown that its application to secure communication is unsafe, because it can be broken in two different ways, by high-pass filtering and by reduced order(More)
We consider the nonlinear wave equation u tt − σ (u x) x + a(x)u t = 0 in a bounded interval (0, L) ⊂ R 1. The function a is allowed to change sign, but has to satisfy a = 1 L L 0 a(x)dx > 0. For this non-dissipative situation we prove the exponential stability of the corresponding linearized system for: (I) possibly large a L ∞ with small a(·) − a L 2 ,(More)
We consider the Timoshenko system in a bounded domain (0, L) ⊂ R 1. The system has an indefinite damping mechanism, i.e. with a damping function a = a(x) possibly changing sign, present only in the equation for the rotation angle. We shall prove that the system is still exponentially stable under the same conditions as in the positive constant damping case,(More)
Renovascular hypertension (RVH) is responsible for 10% of arterial hypertension in children. The early diagnosis of RVH permits specific treatment leading to the cure of hypertension and avoidance of parenchymal damage. Captopril renal scintigraphy (CRS) provides information on the renovascular cause of the arterial hypertension. To validate the usefulness(More)
OBJECTIVE The objective was to assess the role of office and ambulatory blood pressure (BP) on the development of end-stage renal disease (ESRD) in nondiabetic chronic renal failure. DESIGN AND METHOD Seventy-nine patients [mean age 57 (standard deviation 11) years, 47 men, BMI 28 (4), office BP 151 (25)/92 (14) mmHg, estimated glomerular filtration rate(More)
In interactive systems, the term rendering applies to any form of communication directed from the application towards the users. The present paper deals with the specification of rendering, and its relationship with the formal specification of the dialogue between application and user. We first present a taxonomy of rendering according to its function in(More)
BACKGROUND American Creole cattle presumably descend from animals imported from the Iberian Peninsula during the period of colonization and settlement, through different migration routes, and may have also suffered the influence of cattle directly imported from Africa. The introduction of European cattle, which began in the 18th century, and later of Zebu(More)
We study the asymptotic behavior of Timoshenko systems with memory, where the memory is given by a non-dissipative kernel and is acting only on one equation of the system. We show that the exponential stability depends on conditions regarding the decay rate of the kernel and a nice relationship between the coefficients of the system. Moreover, with(More)