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This letter analyzes the security weakness of a recently proposed communication method based on chaotic modulation and masking using synchronization of two chaotic systems with different orders. It is shown that its application to secure communication is unsafe, because it can be broken in two different ways, by high-pass filtering and by reduced order(More)
We consider the nonlinear wave equation u tt − σ (u x) x + a(x)u t = 0 in a bounded interval (0, L) ⊂ R 1. The function a is allowed to change sign, but has to satisfy a = 1 L L 0 a(x)dx > 0. For this non-dissipative situation we prove the exponential stability of the corresponding linearized system for: (I) possibly large a L ∞ with small a(·) − a L 2 ,(More)
We consider the Timoshenko system in a bounded domain (0, L) ⊂ R 1. The system has an indefinite damping mechanism, i.e. with a damping function a = a(x) possibly changing sign, present only in the equation for the rotation angle. We shall prove that the system is still exponentially stable under the same conditions as in the positive constant damping case,(More)
In interactive systems, the term rendering applies to any form of communication directed from the application towards the users. The present paper deals with the specification of rendering, and its relationship with the formal specification of the dialogue between application and user. We first present a taxonomy of rendering according to its function in(More)
The hormone prolactin (PRL) is the product of a single gene synthesized by pituitary and many extrapituitary tissues. In this study, we have purified and sequenced by mass spectrometry a 29 kDa protein from human synovial liquid, bound to the proteoglycan component of synovial liquid that showed an identical sequence in 20 amino acids to hPRL. We have also(More)
BACKGROUND American Creole cattle presumably descend from animals imported from the Iberian Peninsula during the period of colonization and settlement, through different migration routes, and may have also suffered the influence of cattle directly imported from Africa. The introduction of European cattle, which began in the 18th century, and later of Zebu(More)
A well-designed user interface is important for security applications, but it is critical if the adequate use, and the effectiveness of security features, depend on it. Currently, many criteria are available to facilitate the design of a user interface, like the new HCI-S or Security Human Computer Interaction, which is focused in the design of user(More)
investigación en Europa, principalmente en Alemania. Debido a esto, muchos libros y publicaciones técnicas avanzadas sobre RBC fueron editados en Inglés o Alemán y no son accesibles al público en general. Con este artículo, se pre-tende enmendar esa laguna. Aunado a una aproximación al Modelado de Socie-dades desde la perspectiva de la Minería de Datos(More)
We investigate transmission problems between a (thermo-)viscoelastic system with Kelvin-Voigt damping, and a purely elastic system. It is shown that neither the elastic damping by Kelvin-Voigt mechanisms nor the dissipative effect of the temperature in one material can assure the exponential stability of the total system when it is coupled through(More)