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Typing of Mycobacterium avium strains obtained in a study of endemic tuberculosis in a Wildfowl Reserve permitted the recognition of two separate infected groups. The main infection was in Anatidae and was due to M. avium, type 1; the other was in chickens used for incubation and brooding and the predominance in it of type 2 agreed with normal experience of(More)
A number of workers have employed tissue culture techniques in pneumoconiosis research since Fenn (1921) examined the phagocytosis of quartz and coal by rat exudate leucocytes. However, most attention has been directed to the degree of phagocytosis achieved rather than to evaluating accurately the toxicity of dust to the phagocytic cell. Moreover, the(More)
BACKGROUND Increasing colorectal cancer (CRC) screening is a public health goal. We hypothesized that non-compliant, average risk women would demonstrate low levels of CRC knowledge and underestimate their CRC risk. METHODS Participants identified prior to routine gynecological visits completed a survey assessing demographics, CRC knowledge, risk(More)