Jaime Marian

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This Letter is concerned with the determination of the transition paths attendant to nanovoid growth in aluminum under hydrostatic tension. The analysis is, therefore, based on energy minimization at 0 K. Aluminum is modeled by the Ercolessi-Adams embedded-atom method, and spurious boundary artifacts are mitigated by the use of the quasicontinuum method.(More)
We have developed a comprehensive methodology to compute uncertainties in activation calculations. A sensitivity-uncertainty analysis method has been developed, providing the uncertainties of the different inventory responses functions due to the uncertainty of each of the reaction cross sections separately. We also have proved the excellent behaviour of a(More)
Germanium is an extremely important material used for numerous functional applications in many fields of nanotechnology. In this paper, we study the crystallization of amorphous Ge using atomistic simulations of critical nano-metric nuclei at high temperatures. We find that crystallization occurs by the recurrent transfer of atoms via a diffusive process(More)
  • J M Perlado, G Velarde, J M Martinez-Val, E Mínguez, J Sanz, M Velarde +29 others
  • 2006
A lot of work has been performed in the area related to new fuel concepts to arrive efficient cycles neutronless and p-B is the considered in our research. Conditions of degeneracy allow justifying the possibility to reduce the stringent ordinary conditions. The design of Jet Impact Inertial Fusion is one of the main items in DENIM research and simulations(More)
s: We have studied the structural damage of W-Re targets produced by electrons with energies of several GeV and under different conditions of total number of electrons, beam shape and target depth. We report the differences in damage levels for different designs considered in the construction of the next generation of linear accelerators, and discuss the(More)
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