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A bioactive, fluorescent derivative of gonadotropin-releasing hormone, < Glu-His-Trp-Ser-Tyr-D-Lys(N epsilon-tetramethylrhodamine)-Leu-Arg-Pro-Gly-NH2, was prepared. This peptide retained high-affinity binding (apparent dissociation constant, 3 nM) to the receptor for gonadotropin-releasing hormone and was utilized for microscopic visualization and(More)
The subcellular localization of GnRH receptors in weanling rat anterior pituitary and ovarian tissue was determined by radioligand binding in biochemically defined fractions prepared by differential and density centrifugation. Morphological identification of membrane organelles or fragments, visualized by electron microscopy, confirmed the biochemical(More)
An in vivo preparation, in which a body plethysmograph was incorporated, was useful in monitoring the cardiopulmonary effects of pharmacological agents in the guinea pig and rabbit. Isoproterenol, given 30 seconds prior to histamine challenge, reproducibly blocked histamine-induced dynamic compliance decreases and increased heart in the artificially(More)
An extension of the synchronous parallel kinetic Monte Carlo (pkMC) algorithm developed by Martinez et al [J. Comp. Phys. 227 (2008) 3804] to discrete lattices is presented. The method solves the master equation synchronously by recourse to null events that keep all processors time clocks current in a global sense. Boundary conflicts are rigorously solved(More)
This Letter is concerned with the determination of the transition paths attendant to nanovoid growth in aluminum under hydrostatic tension. The analysis is, therefore, based on energy minimization at 0 K. Aluminum is modeled by the Ercolessi-Adams embedded-atom method, and spurious boundary artifacts are mitigated by the use of the quasicontinuum method.(More)
Coherent twin boundaries (CTBs) are widely described, both theoretically and experimentally, as perfect interfaces that play a significant role in a variety of materials. Although the ability of CTBs in strengthening, maintaining the ductility and minimizing the electron scattering is well documented, most of our understanding of the origin of these(More)