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In this work we prove the generic simplicity of the spectrum of the clamped plate equation in a bounded regular domain of R d. That is, given Ω ⊂ R d , we show that there exists an arbitrarily small deformation of the domain u, such that all the eigenvalues of the plate system in the deformed domain Ω + u are simple. To prove this result we first prove a(More)
Functional data analysis (FDA) is a set of tools developed to perform statistical analysis on data having a functional form. In our case we consider the one-dimensional wave surface profiles registered during a North-Sea storm as functional data. The data is split into 20 min intervals within which an individual wave is defined as the profile between two(More)
Our research aims at image segmentation using the variational framework of Mumford and Shah, following an approximation proposed by Ambrosio and Tortorelli. This technique circumvents the use of parametric contours and implicit level-set techniques, where its solution may be regarded as a soft seg-mentation, with a number the levels or colors being 2 N. On(More)
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