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A link between surface characteristics and injury has been identified in equine disciplines. Maintenance procedures are reported to affect surface characteristics and could influence horse movement. The study investigated limb and hoof movement on a synthetic surface following two different preparations (harrowing and rolling). Nine horses were recorded(More)
The aim of this study was to quantify the effects of two different 8-week stretching regimes on stride length (SL) and range of motion (ROM) in the equine trot. Eighteen horses were divided into three matched groups: a 6 days/week stretching regime (6DSR), a 3 days/week stretching regime (3DSR) and a control no-stretching regime (NSR). SL and ROM data were(More)
Ten dressage horses at novice level or above were used in a matched pair design to investigate massage effects on back stiffness and relaxation. The treatment group and control group consisted of five horses each. There were two parts to the study 1) the horses were measured for signs of stress / relaxation immediately before, during and after the(More)
Providing the neonatal calf with a sufficient quantity and quality of colostrum may optimise future health, performance and reduce the risk of morbidity. A 6-month double blind trial with 80 prepartum dairy cows was conducted to determine if supplementation with mannan oligosaccharide (MOS) influences colostrum quality, quantity and subsequent calf(More)
The development of safety and quality standards for equestrian surfaces needs to be based on objective, repeatable measurements which allow comparisons between surfaces. These measurements should incorporate the assessment of surface performance by riders. This study provides data from objective and subjective assessment of functional properties of(More)
A circumferential ring in the hoof horn of foals occurs at birth and grows down to the distal border as the fetal hoof is replaced. Horn growth and complete hoof capsule renewal have not been measured in Thoroughbred foals but the determination of time of hoof renewal may allow accurate predictions of healing time to be made in cases of hoof lesions. The(More)
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