Jaime Gutierrez

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A successful class of image denoising methods is based on Bayesian approaches working in wavelet representations. The performance of these methods improves when relations among the local frequency coefficients are explicitly included. However, in these techniques, analytical estimates can be obtained only for particular combinations of analytical models of(More)
Support vector machine (SVM) learning has been recently proposed for image compression in the frequency domain using a constant /spl epsiv/-insensitivity zone by Robinson and Kecman. However, according to the statistical properties of natural images and the properties of human perception, a constant insensitivity makes sense in the spatial domain but it is(More)
In this paper we present a technique for localized image regularization using a modified Hopfield neural network (MHNN). The algorithm forms a segmented map of the image and classifies it into several clusters, or regions, and assigns each region a regularization parameter according to its local statistics and the prior knowledge about the image obtained by(More)
In this paper, a multigrid motion compensation video coder based on the current human visual system (HVS) contrast discrimination models is proposed. A novel procedure for the encoding of the prediction errors has been used. This procedure restricts the maximum perceptual distortion in each transform coefficient. This subjective redundancy removal procedure(More)
Two types of redundancies are contained in images: statistical redundancy and psychovisual redundancy. Image representation techniques for image coding should remove both redundancies in order to obtain good results. In order to establish an appropriate representation, the standard approach to transform coding only considers the statistical redundancy,(More)
Conventional SVM-based image coding methods are founded on independently restricting the distortion in every image coefficient at some particular image representation. Geometrically, this implies allowing arbitrary signal distortions in an n-dimensional rectangle defined by the ε-insensitivity zone in each dimension of the selected image representation(More)
Image restoration requires some a priori knowledge of the solution. Some of the conventional regularization techniques are based on the estimation of the power spectrum density. Simple statistical models for spectral estimation just take into account second-order relations between the pixels of the image. However, natural images exhibit additional features,(More)