Jaime Garcia Giraldez

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A new image-guided microscope system using augmented reality image overlays has been developed. With this system, CT cut-views and segmented objects such as tumors that have been previously extracted from preoperative tomographic images can be directly displayed as augmented reality overlays on the microscope image. The novelty of this design stems from the(More)
Active Shape Models are a powerful and well known method to perform face alignment. In some applications it is common to have shape information available beforehand, such as previously detected landmarks. Introducing this prior knowledge to the statistical model may result of great advantage but it is challenging to maintain this priors unchanged once the(More)
A new image-guided microscope using augmented reality overlays has been developed. Unlike other systems, the novelty of our design consists in mounting a precise mini and low-cost tracker directly on the microscope to track the motion of the surgical tools and the patient. Correctly scaled cut-views of the pre-operative computed tomography (CT) stack can be(More)
Endoscopic video stream during sinus and skull base surgeries can be augmented with the preoperatively chosen landmark to provide effective navigation for the operating surgeon. Currently available systems try to augment with CT or MR image slices. This will be of not much help since there is too much information overlaid. We have developed a simplified(More)
This paper presents methods based on information filters for solving matching problems with emphasis on real time, or effectively real-time applications. Both applications discussed in this paper deal with ultrasound-based rigid registration in computer-assisted orthopedic surgery. In the first application, the usual workflow of rigid registration is(More)
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