Jaime García Salinas

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In recent years, spotting of ray florets of gerbera flowers has become an important problem. This type of small necrotic lesions may occur before, but especially shortly after harvesting the flowers.Botrytis cinerea was easily isolated from such lesions. Inoculation withB. cinerea only gave typical necrotic lesions, when dry conidia were dusted on the(More)
Currently, early in the XXI century, an estimated 2400 million people depend on traditional biomass for heating and cooking and 1500 million people lack access to electricity (IEA, 2009). Lack of electricity particularly affects rural areas of developing countries (Kanagawa and Nakata, 2008), exacerbating the urban-rural gap. In Bolivia, 35% of the(More)
Inoculum of the VA mycorrhizal fungusGlomus manihotis was added to an Oxisol containing only a moderate inoculum potential of indigenous VA mycorrhizal fungi. Its effect on growth and P uptake of two pasture plant species was investigated in pot experiments. This effect was studied at a range of P applications, corresponding to 0, 9, 18, 35, 70 and 140 kg(More)
The formation of lesions on ray florets of gerbera flowers caused by single conidia ofBotrytis cinerea was studied in two cultivars infected by two isolates of the pathogen. No differences in reaction after inoculation with conidia of either isolate were seen on either cultivar. The conidia produced usually one germ tube not longer than 10 μm, but conidia(More)
As Computer-Assisted Language Learning (CALL) has taken an important role in foreign language teaching and learning, not only is concrete data about the usefulness of technologymediated environments for these purposes necessary, but also how the learning process is improved in such environments when learner training for CALL. The objective of this paper is(More)
This study evaluated the effect of Candida norvegensis (C. norvegensis) viable yeast culture on in vitro ruminal fermentation of oat straw. Ruminal fluid was mixed with buffer solution (1:2) and anaerobically incubated with or without yeast at 39°C for 0, 4, 8, 16, and 24 h. A fully randomized design was used. There was a decrease in lactic acid (quadratic,(More)
Semen preservation and artificial insemination in South American camelids are reviewed giving emphasis to work done in Peru and by the authors. Reports on semen evaluation and the preservation process indicate that semen of alpacas and llamas can be manipulated by making it liquid first. Collagenase appears to be the best enzyme to eliminate viscosity. Tris(More)
Two experiments were conducted to examine the influence of kaolinite clay supplementation (0%, 1%, or 2% diet dry matter [DM] basis) on characteristics of digestion (Trial 1) and growth performance (Trial 2) in calf-fed Holstein steers fed a finishing diet. In Trial 1, 6 Holstein steers (539±15 kg) with ruminal and duodenal cannulas were used to evaluate(More)
The minimal effective dose of sodium chlorate as an intervention to reduce the carriage of pathogenic bacteria in food-producing animals has not been clearly established. The effect of low-level oral chlorate administration to ewes was assessed by comparing the diversity of prominent bacterial populations in their gastrointestinal tract. Twelve lactating(More)
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