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The rising tide of obesity erodes the health of youths and many times results in adult obesity. The purpose of this investigation was to examine the effectiveness of an eight-session health promotion/transtheoretical model Internet/video-delivered intervention to increase physical activity and reduce dietary fat among low-income, culturally diverse,(More)
OBJECTIVE Our aim was to determine the risk of cytologic abnormality on a screening Papanicolaou test for women >/=50 years old with and without a uterine cervix. STUDY DESIGN The effect of hysterectomy on abnormal screening Papanicolaou test rates was determined in a cross-sectional analysis of 21,152 women aged >/=50 years who had screening Papanicolaou(More)
CONTEXT Firearm-related injuries rank second only to motor vehicle-related injuries as a cause of injury death in Wisconsin. OBJECTIVE To evaluate the attributes of the Wisconsin Firearm-Related Injury Surveillance System. DESIGN A structured surveillance system evaluation using predetermined criteria. SETTING A passive surveillance system linking(More)
PURPOSE Natural Family Planning (NFP) requires periodic abstinence and partner cooperation to prevent pregnancy. The aim of this study was to learn about the effects of modern NFP methods on marital relationships. DESIGN Descriptive survey. METHODS Questionnaires were mailed to 1,400 randomly selected couples known to use NFP and residing in the United(More)
Based on a review of Wisconsin suicide methods and rates from 1979 to 1994, firearms have eclipsed all other methods combined as the most common method of suicide. Between 1981 and 1992, the number of firearm suicides increased from 48% to 57%. While the overall suicide rate has remained unchanged in the last 16 years, the firearm suicide rate has increased(More)
The effort to curb youth tobacco use relies increasingly on laws intended to limit youth access to tobacco products. As of 1995, all 50 states prohibit the sale of tobacco products to youth under age 18, while 32 states prohibit the purchase, possession or use by minors. Additionally, 33 states require retail licenses to sell tobacco products and 32 states(More)
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