Jaime Evans

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In a group of 166 patients who had received electroconvulsive therapy more than one year previously the prevalence of epilepsy did not differ significantly from that found in the community as a whole. The findings suggest that a kindling process is not a clinical hazard following repeated electrically induced seizures.
The high performance of Au-CeO2 and Au-TiO2 catalysts in the water-gas shift (WGS) reaction (H2O + CO-->H2 + CO2) relies heavily on the direct participation of the oxide in the catalytic process. Although clean Au(111) is not catalytically active for the WGS, gold surfaces that are 20 to 30% covered by ceria or titania nanoparticles have activities(More)
We have studied arterial PO2, PCO2, and hydrogen ion and electroencephalogram during sleep in 10 patients with stable severe chronic respiratory failure. As a group the patients slept badly. Sleep was associated with a worsening of hypoxia and no significant change in PCO2 and H+. Two patients were restudied, receiving oxygen therapy overnight. Both had(More)
The transformation of CO2 into alcohols or other hydrocarbon compounds is challenging because of the difficulties associated with the chemical activation of CO2 by heterogeneous catalysts. Pure metals and bimetallic systems used for this task usually have low catalytic activity. Here we present experimental and theoretical evidence for a completely(More)
Catalytic reduction of CO2 by H2 for synthesis of CO,methanol and hydrocarbons: Challenges and opportunities " , Energy & Environmental Science, 9 (2016) 62. different types of catalysts for CO2 reduction by ethane through dry reforming and oxidative dehydrogenation " , Low pressure CO2 hydrogenation to methanol over gold nanoparticles activated on a(More)
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