Jaime Espín

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Biosimilars are products similar to a biological already authorized and no longer protected by a patent. As the biological product, they contain a biological substance produced by or derived from a living organism. Alike with generics, biosimilars are potential tool to ensure savings for health systems. The current lack of market penetration of biosimilars(More)
BACKGROUND With the emergence of influenza H1N1v the world is facing its first 21st century global pandemic. Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS) and avian influenza H5N1 prompted development of pandemic preparedness plans. National systems of public health law are essential for public health stewardship and for the implementation of public health(More)
BRCA1/2 mutation carriers are at a higher risk of breast cancer and of subsequent contralateral breast cancer (CBC). This study aims to evaluate the evidence of the effect of the BRCA1/2-carriership on CBC cumulative risk in female breast cancer patients. The literature was searched in Pubmed and Embase up to June 2013 for studies on CBC risk after a first(More)
OBJECTIVES To survey possible funding models and pricing practices as well as prices for the treatment package of trastuzumab and its accompanying diagnostic test in European countries, as an example of personalised medicines. METHODS Qualitative descriptive data on national pharmaceutical pricing and funding policies applied to trastuzumab and its(More)
OBJECTIVE To examine the scientific evidence and the risk of second primary cancers in women diagnosed with a first primary breast cancer. METHODS The literature was searched in Pubmed and Embase and included studies published up to June 2013, using population-based data and IARC/AICR codification rules for multiple primary cancers. A qualitative(More)
The incorporation of new treatments, procedures and technologies into the services' portfolio of healthcare providers should aim to improve three areas equally: patient access to innovative solutions, the sustainability of the health system and compensation for innovation. However, traditional schemes based on fixed prices that fail to consider the(More)
BACKGROUND Mental health disorders (MHDs) constitute a large and growing disease burden in Europe, although they typically receive less attention and research funding than other non-communicable diseases (NCDs). This study protocol describes a methodology for the mapping of MHD research in Europe as part of Mapping_NCD, a 2-year project funded by the(More)
Background: Many established products (EPs - marketed for eight years or more) are widely used off-label despite little evidence on benefit-risk ratio. This exposes patients to risks related to safety and lack of efficacy, and healthcare providers to liability. Introducing new indications for EPs may represent a high societal value; however, manufacturers(More)