Jaime Echeverri

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Human Centered Computing is a novel paradigm to process context information of human being's environment in which computers are invisible to the subject, providing tools and services depending on the context of each individual. An increasing interest is growing regarding embedded computers since they offer advantages related to portability, dedicated tasks,(More)
In this paper, a baseline architecture of a method for the interaction among stakeholders in open innovation processes is proposed, integrating collaborative features of electronic social networks and the properties of ubiquitous environments, leveraging access everywhere and everytime. In order to propose this architecture, the layers an relations among(More)
The purpose of the present paper is the identification of value elements during the development of an interactive software, which is proposed for children with learning and development difficulties. In order to identify value elements the Systemic Archetype of co-creation is used, those values are identified by using a phenomenological analysis focused on(More)
Ubiquitous Computing (UC) is a paradigm in which stakeholders interact with machines in a natural way, without constraints of time, place or access medium. Data is available everywhere to be read, consulted and modified if needed. Thus, UC becomes a powerful tool for industrial applications, where a plenty of sensors, actuators and controllers are(More)
Ideas emerge in the less imagined scenarios, and it is mandatory to have a set of tools which ease their incorporation without time/place/access medium constraints, in order to maximize opportunities and avoid losing worthy contributions that become in incomes for innovations processes in companies or any other institution interested in actively involving(More)
The achievement of innovative results in academic spaces needs the constant search of the creativity. This implies defying the methodologies of traditional classes by means of utilization of special tools and techniques that suppose an additional effort for the teachers with regard to the strategies used per years. Make real the fantasy of the innovation is(More)
The present work proposes a measuring model of the co-created value through the system dynamics and fuzzy logic. In order to identify the variables the co-creation systemic archetype is used and it allows the value elements capture arising from clients' experiences in a case study of a telecommunications company that provides the 4G LTE service. Clients(More)
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