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OBJECTIVE To evaluate the postoperative use of peritoneal lavage for prevention of experimentally induced intraabdominal adhesions in horses. STUDY DESIGN Areas of serosal abrasion were created on the jejunum of 12 horses. Postoperatively, six horses had peritoneal lavage, and six horses did not (controls). The number of adhesions was determined at(More)
OBJECTIVE To evaluate the effect of peritoneal lavage on pharmacokinetics of gentamicin sulfate in healthy horses after experimental celiotomy. ANIMALS 13 clinically normal horses. PROCEDURE Horses were randomly assigned to control or experimental groups. All horses received gentamicin (6.6 mg/kg of body weight, IV, q 24 h) before surgery, underwent(More)
Title of Document: THERAPIST DREAMS ABOUT CLIENTS: A QUALITATIVE INVESTIGATION OF THEMES, EXPLORATION, AND USE Patricia Spangler, Master of Arts, 2007 Directed By: Professor Clara E. Hill, Department of Psychology Although case studies have indicated that dreams about clients can have therapeutic utility, little empirical research has been conducted on such(More)
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