Jaime E. Vantrease

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Repeated stress can elicit symptoms of depression and anxiety. The amygdala is a significant contributor to the expression of emotion and the basolateral amygdala (BLA) is a major target for the effects of stress on emotion. The adolescent time period may be particularly susceptible to the effects of stress on emotion. While repeated stress has been(More)
Adaptive social behavior requires transmission and reception of salient social information. Impairment of this reciprocity is a cardinal symptom of autism. The amygdala is a critical mediator of social behavior and is implicated in social symptoms of autism. Here we found that a specific amygdala circuit, from the lateral nucleus to the medial nucleus(More)
Depression and anxiety are diagnosed almost twice as often in women, the symptomology differs in men and women and is sensitive to sex hormones. The basolateral amygdala (BLA) contributes to emotion-related behaviors that differ between males and females and across the reproductive cycle. This hints to sex- or estrus-dependent features of BLA function,(More)
The role of serotonin in the hemodynamic response to blood loss remains controversial. Caudal raphe serotonin neurons are activated during hypotensive hemorrhage, and their destruction attenuates sympathetic increases following blood loss in unanesthetized rats. Caudal raphe neurons provide serotonin-positive projections to the nucleus tractus solitarii(More)
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