Jaime E Roldán

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Effective cryopreservation of expanded equine blastocysts (> 300 μm in diameter) has been difficult, perhaps due to the volume of blastocoele fluid or the presence of the equine embryonic capsule. Recently, we reported normal viability of equine embryos after trophoblast biopsy, which resulted in blastocyst collapse. The present study addressed the effect(More)
The equine embryo possesses a capsule that is considered essential for its survival. We assessed viability after breaching the capsule of early (Day 6) and expanded (Day 7 and 8) equine blastocysts by micromanipulation. The capsule was penetrated using a Piezo drill, and trophoblast biopsy samples were obtained for genetic analysis. Pregnancy rates for(More)
Transfer of donor oocytes to the oviducts of inseminated recipient mares (oocyte transfer, OT) presents a valuable method for production of foals from otherwise infertile mares. Little information is available, however, on factors affecting success of OT in a clinical setting. We report the findings over three breeding seasons in a commercial OT program(More)
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