Jaime E. Castro

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Type I pili are proteinaceous tethers that mediate bacterial adhesion of uropathogenic Escherichia coli to surfaces and are thought to help bacteria resist drag forces imparted by fluid flow via uncoiling of their quaternary structure. Uncoiling and recoiling have been observed in force spectroscopy experiments, but it is not clear if and how this process(More)
The free diffusion phenomena of water molecules occurs in the brain due to thermal energy, so we apply two magnetic field gradient pulses in brain tissue while it happens and we obtain a magnetic field signal associated to the statistical distribution displacement of the population of water molecules in the voxel. It allows the acquisition of a digital(More)
To my parents and beloved wife for their support and patience in the difficult moments. You are the main inspiration and motivation in my life. Acknowledgements I would like to thank to PhD. Fabiola Angulo for its support during my Masters studies and some control analysis in this work; to my advisor and friend PhD. Gustavo Osorio for the continued feedback(More)
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